Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Heart History

This is a necklace I made for a challenge by my Etsy Team-Indie Free Spirits 
My inspiration for the piece might be a little far fetched, 
so I feel it grants an explanation, as well as a little peek into my mind during its conception!
The challenge was to pick a person from history and create a piece inspired by their life...

My Inspiration:
Leonardo DaVinci
First, I was attracted to the brassy tones and beautiful flowing lines in this drawing 'La Scapgliata'.  Which, for anyone who is curious, means 'The Lady of the Dishevelled Hair'...

 Then I found these beautiful studies on drapery...


I have always been fascinated by Da Vinci's studies on proportion and depth.
The one below is of the proportions of the face. 
You can see the top of the necklace shape in his forehead.

Here, a study of the hands where I see a beautiful layered natural curve...

The swooping lines and golden tones of these drawings made me want to make something that I could see the women in Da Vinci's drawings actually wearing!

I Heart History!


  1. This piece gave me goosebumps, I feel a real connect with it... I have always been attracted to the bodice, maid Marian, chastity belt, leather meets metal, coppery goodness of the have captured my poorly put feelings in this necklace! You continue to inspire me, best of luck with the Indie Free Spirits team! <3

  2. I LOVE this!!! Your style is very Da Vinci in general which I find very special. I have a few crystals that I have found recently, I need to figure out how to incorporate mine into my style. Lovely piece!

  3. This piece is just GORGEOUS!!! I can't get over how pretty and unique it is. You are so talented. I love all your connections and explanations behind it. Anyone who gets to wear this is very lucky! :)

  4. Thank you all for your beautiful words! They fill me with inspiration and make me want to create mor beautiful things! SO MUCH LOVE!