Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Feather Jewelry Care Guide

It’s pretty simple… just keep your feathers safe from dust, bright light and moisture!

  • DUST & BRIGHT LIGHT- Just use common sense when you store them! Ie: Don’t hang them in the rear view mirror of your car for a month, and don’t store them in a dusty corner on your vanity!

  • MOISTURE- We all forget- I did it yesterday! When I got out of the shower I realized I still had one of my feather necklaces on! If they DO happen to get wet, grab a hair dryer and use low heat while you gently fluff them back to life! They WILL be beautiful again!

And one more thing!

  • THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS-Keep your feathers away from your pets! Cats and dogs seem to be magnetically attracted to delicate little tufts of feather! And I am unfortunately speaking from personal experience here! Grrrrrrr!

Just a few simple things and you will be able to enjoy your feathered adornment for decades!

-Three Corners

1 comment:

  1. haha!! I should have said something about cats.... One of my very first creations was not only played with, but EATEN by one of my friend's cats. lol. I was SO upset.

    My FAVORITE bit that I have learned is about the flat ironing. It helps so much when I am putting jewelry together from feathers that haven't been stored properly. Its aweeeesome.

    Didn't know about the bright light affecting feathers! Good to know!

    Lovely blog!! :-)