Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bedroom Demos

MUSIC!  Yet another one of my many inspirations! I've been involved with music one way or another for the last 20 years, but when I started playing the guitar a few years ago, I knew it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship!  Since then, I have grabbed for my guitar in every thinkable situation, from wallowing in complete confusion to basking in the epiphany of a lifetime!  Playing never fails to fill me with solace, inspiration, and intrigue. For me, it's the perfect medicine!

This is just one of many Bedroom Demos, I hope you enjoy!
Original Chords & Lyrics By Selena Martino 

And you can bet your BUTT I'm wearing Three Corners!  

Today I'm rocking my one of a kind Brass Cage with a hand tumbled river rock I gathered from the American this summer.
As well as my staple lately-The Spiral Chain Bracelet I made as a class project last year at California Institute of Jewelry Training.  What an amazing opportunity THAT was!!

I made the wire and the sheet metal completely from scratch! 

The sister clasp is actually a super simple design using two pieces of sheet metal riveted together.

I have to say, it was tedious making and filing all those little links, but the finished product is well worth the better part of a day it took to make it!


  1. Your song was great! One of the things I love most about reading blogs is that I get to see all of the way multifaceted, talented people express themselves. Your jewelry and music are different in their method, but your talent is coming through loud and clear.
    Blessings in the New Year!

  2. Thank you very much Claire! I try to go gently against the grain as much as possible! There's already too much of the same stuff out there!!! Glad you like! More to come!! And blessings to you!

  3. I love that you go against the grain, Claire is right on in saying that your talent is coming through loud and clear! Good work, lov'n the blog! And my jewelry by three corners designs, I get compliments all the time!