Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Behind the Scenes with The Four Band Cuff

This little number has been steadily popular from the moment of conception! 

At first glance, it looks like four piercings!!
This ear cuff has all the bang, WITHOUT the pain!
...If only life where this simple!

Here's a short, behind the scenes pictorial of how I make each one- ENJOY!

First, I cut the pieces of silver wire into the appropriate lengths and file off the ends so they are flat and consistent.

 Then, I position the 4 bars carefully along the first end. (Left)

 I use a paste solder now because I found that it helps keep the pieces in place and I can solder 4 at a time instead of each individually! Live and learn!

After they are all positioned, I solder all four joints being careful not to melt the delicate wire in the process. (Right)
After the first side is soldered, I position the second with a little bit of paste solder at each joint. (Above)
... and then solder it up! (Below)

 I like to make them in groups of three... =)
Heres what a batch looks like in two different stages after I put them in the jewelry pickle. (Left)
Last steps are to buff out the edges and polish before I hammer them around a mandrel to fit the ear.

You might need to adjust yours the first time for the perfect fit,
but theres no need to bend it again!
Just slide the cuff down your ear from the thinnest part.

It will sit comfortably just above the earlobe!

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