Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Activism Through Art

This Saturday I have the opportunity to vend at an awesome event for an awesome cause! 
 BEAUTY BENEATH THE VEIL ~  to support VIVA LA MILPA-An art campaign to protect and preserve the heirloom corn seed varieties of Mexico.

...Viva La Milpa travels from California to Oaxaca bringing art activists, to support the Oaxaqueños in their opposition to Monsanto and GMO farming and foods.  It's about connecting some of the finest folks (art activists) from two nations both making statements for the same rights.

There will be an amazing group of artists of all kinds, live music...and I will have the opportunity to take the stage and play a few of my own songs!
Here's one of my songs I'm practicing for Saturday-
Sellin' my Jewelry AND Playin' my music... could I ASK for more?! =)

"RITCHIE VALENS-COME ON LETS GO brought me here...... Thank God he did, this is awesome!" ~Comment from a YouTube fan ♥


  1. And you are ready to take the stage!!! Well done sweetie! I always enjoy your music, You are so talented in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your light!