Saturday, December 1, 2012

Meet Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

"In the very moment that you feel like engaging in a behavior you deep down want to Transform or move away from ~ replace it with something that is far better fo...
r you and more in alignment to your Spirit nature.

Addictions, dependency and negative patterns are the final frontier to detach ourselves from - and this is not an easy process at all, until you begin to do it and notice the amazing results.

Slowly but surely, you are uncovering and unveiling the Treasures, the Gold, the Divine Power that for thousands of years archonic forces have tried to rob from you and use against you, to enslave you... This is the shadow of the Collective...

 Locate all the things about yourself that you would like to change, and then instead of just not doing it ~ Celebrate in each moment you choose the higher road. Gift yourself with something beneficial, rather than harmful. Remember the pain at first, is like that of an athlete who gets sore muscles, a builder who might get splinters and strain the back or a Mother who is about to go into labor.

Of course it is not going to be comfortable - but the rewards far exceed the instant gratification of taking the easy way out or just giving up... We are all equals in our connection to Source energy and All That Is - the only difference is, some are Conscious of the connection and others aren't.

Those who aren't may seek the Bliss and Ecstasy from other Sources like addictions, power games for control or giving ones power away to the Illusion that the Matrix has constructed, which is usually followed by a crash or more entanglements in the darkness of disconnect. This then brings on the feeling of hopelessness and that uncomfortable reality check, that things aren't getting better.

The overwhelm of this realization can keep the loop going and more escapism results, denial and apathy, which fuels negative behavior patterns towards others and self.

If we can avoid this, another realization can shine through, which is the knowing that we need to be responsible for ourselves and our path and our future cause nothing outside of ourselves is going to deliver it, only we can.

We can only alter our outer reality by changing our inner reality, which directly affects what we manifest and co-create. The results far exceed instant gratification and quick fixes. Just stop it all and start NOW, no more excuses....

For the Mother, there is no giving up when it comes to her Creations - so get in touch with the inner creative Divine Feminine who is the Warrior right now, whose devotion and unconditional Love is inexhaustible. This force in union with the Divine Masculine creates the merging of Polarity on multiple levels, to continually Birth new visions, experiences and Worlds.

Let this aspect of yourself rise to the surface rather than the distorted and programmed version of ourselves who wants to run from the Truth, from our Divine Power and stay plugged into the Matrix where something outside of ourselves is going to do the hard part and fix things, like the President or some race of beings or return of a Messiah.

Step into all that you are and face the thorns of the past, the doubt, the fear and apathy - whatever it is, face it and embrace it... Be Whole in the Now knowing Love, Forgiveness and Acceptance are what makes things possible to flow through the Birth Canal of our Soul intention, purpose and Mission.

Once that channel is Clear - it is no longer a struggle or process - it is the Wholeness of a Lucid Dreamer and Creator who has defied the Timeloop, Mastered the Lessons of Duality and has lifted the veil between Life and Death...

Spirit is stronger than matter and can shape matter - so step into this Unified Field, where things rapidly shift in acceleration, rather than being in the endless lessons and processes, to get to that core Truth of all that we are...

Do it NOW, with all your passion for Freedom and true Bliss..."
-Laura Magdalene Eisenhower
 - Laura is the great-grandaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower and is on a profound mission to complete his legacy and the Magdalene legacy in a way that is unique to her own soul code. It is beyond choice. These two forces connect many dots that are coming into our awareness now more than ever!
-Understanding that she has historical roots and is from a family that has changed history- Laura has an incredible drive and great confidence in knowing how to change our future for the better. IT is on multiple levels she knows how to do this and what it is going to take.
- She is deeply connected with Magdalene and Sophia which is a huge missing link in our world today, as the lost energies of the feminine are emerging to restore balance.
-Growing up and into present day she has been caught up in one adventure after another, taking on some extreme challenges relating to many things that carried over from Ike's presidency and has confronted the battles he was up against that still linger, and even some of the agreements and insights he had that were not able to reach fruition or resolution which relate to the Military Industrial Complex, the Global Elite, ET's and the agendas of the false and unethical power structures in the world.
- She has also gone through the depths of the World Soul as an Alchemical Warrior, working to create transformation and retrieve all aspects of the Goddess back into wholeness while breaking free from the grips of the archons, patriarchy, hidden agendas including a Mars recruitment and the Ancient Game involving archetypal dramas. She works to restore Sacred Union and the Tree of Life and help guide us back to the Pleroma.
  -She has endless thoughts and ideas, action plans and solutions and can link our ancient history, wisdom and divine blueprints, into present time- knowing that a golden future is a result of us being able to harness our creative power and our highest potential through a deeper and more intimate knowledge of our roots and the hidden aspects of truth that are out there.
- She is aware of what it takes to reach our ultimate goals and protect the integrity of consciousness and what is required of us to truly have freedom and justice in this world. She has access to technologies, plans and truths that can restore our planet and is connected to many who are already actively working on preventing Global Crisis and who are manifesting all the necessary change.
-She wishes to draw attention to the things that are most important for our world right now and hopes to steer our creative power into the causes, projects and understandings- that create the greatest shift both internally and externally.
-She has both practical, logical wisdom and a deep understanding of the esoteric, paranormal and mystical. With a wide range of interests and a vast education that was mostly self taught- Laura is capable of truly taking us on an adventure that manifests our deepest hopes and quest for answers and reunites us with what is most familiar and important for our awareness to grasp- as we transition into an age of Awakening...
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