Saturday, September 29, 2012


Today's Lunar Forecast-

 "It is a new beginning...we have been liberated. This is the essence of this most powerful Aires Full Moon on Saturday the 29th. As the light has been increasing during this past week, so has the tension and the pressure, building up to the inevitable release. We have all been anxiously awaiting, knowing (consciously or not) and preparing, in one way or another, as if - for the dam to break... And now we stand within the wake of a whole new way of existence, having seen much of ourselves washed away in the torrent of chaos, and the breakdown of constructions no longer capable of containing the force within, to expand, break Free and be liberated from the past.

 It has been challenging at times to see clearly, or to know, which choice to make amidst all the letting go, and the entering of the new. We have truly been undergoing such a process of confrontation of ourselves and others, and all this facing the reality of the multitude of details that have lead us up to this point, can create a powerful feeling of disillusionment, distortion and overwhelm, at times.

 Hopefully, now at this point, beneath the radiance of this brilliant Full Moon, you have arrived to a position of readiness, as if - it is now time to let go of that branch you have been holding onto, and allow the current to take you down into the uncharted Sea of your Soul, for no matter what, eventually, all the branches we hold on to in a false sense of security, will inevitably break by the force of evolution itself, and with or without our cooperation we will go down to meet with our Destiny.

This Full Moon opposing the Sun, conjuncts Uranus, and squares Pluto...Wow! The decomposing, and the death of that which no longer carries enough life force to sustain itself, the rebirth of new potential, the clearing away, the destruction of, the revolt, and the Revolution of the New, is the energy of this weekend!!

 Uranus is the “Lightening Bolt” and when it is illuminated, like it is with both luminaries themselves (the Sun and Moon), we should expect, and prepare for some sudden shocks from out of the blue, and radical changes propelling us into a newfound destiny. This is a Moon, and a weekend, of Big shifts, big openings, big awakenings, big opportunities, and for many the beginning of something grand, that holds the promise for the future.

 As Ive mentioned, the spotlight is on how we are relating to ourselves and to each other. The skeleton of our existence is being manipulated and adjusted with - our individual self and needs, our relationship needs, and the needs and ways of the other, and our relationship to our personal power and security, and how that all manifest and contributes to the whole, is on the table for adjustment."
~May we all be guided to exactly where we need to be~

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