Saturday, September 1, 2012


I feel that the beauty we find in the objects we are attracted to is relative. This means that they are subjective… in that they differ from each person and situation. I believe that time, like beauty, is transient and ephemeral. They are a part of the intangible universe that surrounds us all… but that is simultaneously a part of us all. Thus, the attachment we feel towards a particular object must be a reflection of the attraction we feel towards everything that we are… towards everything we have come from… and everything that we will ever be.

Let us be freed from our attachments and rather allow these objects to be the mechanisms for self-awareness they were meant to be! Let our attraction to the truth lift us up and override the attachment we so often cling to.

It is my intent to bring your attention to these inherent qualities with my jewelry. To create a small space where time slows down a little… maybe even a place where time is non-existent! Our lives can often be so rapidly paced, I hope to create a new place where, devoid of attachment, an exhale can last a lifetime and beauty knows no bounds!

After all…
…we are just visitors here, we are not permanent.

So Much Love!

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